Most of the person does not involve in the intimacy before making plans. It is an unexpected thing that just happened between two individual. This unexpected conception may create tension of getting undesired pregnancy.

Emergency Contraceptive Pill (Plan B)

Plan B is the perfect option of avoiding the unwanted pregnancy after having an unprotected physical intimacy.

There are various reasons to take emergency contraceptive tablets like breakage of condom during conception, forget to take abortion pill and forced to have intercourse. I this happen, then fortunately one of the trustworthy method is here, i.e. emergency contraceptive.

This is the method which is used within 3 days of unprotected intercourse. This can reduce the risk of having pregnancy with a higher extent. But this dosage form should not provide any significant effect, if you are already pregnant. This dosage form should not be used to cause abortion after getting pregnancy.

There are two types of emergency contraception methods, i.e. IUD and emergency contraceptive pills.

IUD: Copper-T is an example of IUD, which is inserted into the reproductive organ and provides maximum effect against unexpected conception. But, it is quite expensive and sometime it may cause sensitivity problem.

Emergency contraceptive pills: These pills are also termed as “postcoital contraception”, which shows its effectiveness by altering the female hormone level in the women. These drugs are safe and effective which prevent pregnancy by blocking the affecting the various steps involved in conceiving of pregnancy. An FDA approved various contraceptive pills like:

  • Pills that contains only progestin
  • Pills that contains anti progestin derivative
  • Pills that contains progestin as well as estrogen

Those Pills that contain only progestin reveals better, effective and advantages action than the other contraceptive pills. This dosage form also possesses fewer side effects than the other.

Plan B (morning after pill)

Emergency contraceptive drugsĀ are the reliable option to choose immediately after unsecured intercourse.

This is a one dose regimen, which available in the oral dosage form. This dosage form should be taken within 72 hours of unsecured intimacy. Levonorgestrel is an active pharmaceutical ingredient and is a synthetic derivative of progestin. Each tablet of this drug contains 1.5 mg of active ingredient.

The effectiveness of this drug decreases with the time. This drug gives 95% result against pregnancy, when it is taken within 24 hours of unprotected intimacy. This efficiency reduces to 89%, when it is taken after 24 hours.

This dosage form shows its beneficial effect by preventing or delaying the ovulation. This can affect the fertilization of an egg.

This formulation is taken orally with a glass of water. This dosage form should be taken one time after having an unexpected sexual intercourse.

Important information:

This dosage form should not be given to the girl under the age of 17 years.

This drug is not effective against the sexually transmitted disorders; so always use contraceptive barrier method, i.e. condom, while having conception.

The active composition of this drug can pass into the breast milk and causes harmful effects in an new born baby; so it is beneficial to avoid this drug in nursing and breast feeding mother.

This drug should not be taken by a woman who has allergic problem to this drug.

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