Choose the Confined Mode of Abortion Using RU486 Tablets

It is not necessary that every pregnancy should be wanted, desired or planned and you put your every possible effort to success it. Rather than thinking about the issues behind an unwanted gestation or planning to concentrate on how to manage the pregnancy, it is better to abort it if you are not ready for the gestation now. In spite of giving birth to an unwanted child, it is better for you and your child to plan later in life when you are able to provide every possible up bringing to your child. Until then, the safest and successful way for private abortion is the use of RU486 abortion pill even at your home.


A descriptive overview of RU 486 Pill:

RU486 Pill is one of the widely used abortion pill options for executing a successful and safe abortion of early pregnancy up to the period of 49days or 7weeks. Pregnancy termination using abortion pills such as RU486 is called as a medical method of abortion. This pill is a remarkable brand that contains pills of Mifepristone as the active constituent, which helps in the ending and elimination of early duration gestation.

The functional activity of RU 486 Pill:

Mifepristone is a progesterone antagonist moiety that aids in inhibiting the function of progesterone hormone, which is essential for a pregnancy to sustain. Hence, the inhibition of progesterone hormone stops the growth of embryo leading to its detachment along with the shedding of uterine wall lining. Further, the abortion contents will leave the body in the form of vaginal bleeding containing blood clots. This causes the pregnancy to end in a safer, secure and successful manner.

Dosing schedule of RU 486 Pill:

RU 486 abortion pill is made of three pills of Mifepristone and each pill is of 200mg strength. Thus, to conclude a pregnancy, you need to ingest all the three pills of Mifepristone in a single dose with an oral route using water on an empty stomach. Two days later, a medical examination is required to be done in order to confirm the complete abortion. If due to any reason, the abortion is not complete then you are suggested to take two pills of generic Misoprostol in a single administration either with an oral route or through vaginal insertion. Then again, a medical examination is suggested to be done after two days for the final verification of complete abortion.

Women may experience some adverse effects while using RU486 such as nausea, tiredness, headache, back pain, blurred vision, dizziness, strong abdominal cramps, heavy vaginal bleeding, diarrhea, or vomiting. Therefore, it is suggested that you should not use this abortion pill if you are a breastfeeding mother, a girl below 18years of age, or a woman with ectopic pregnancy. Moreover, the use of RU486 requires some safety precautions as following-

  • You should remove inserted IUD (Intrauterine device) before using RU486 pills.
  • It is cautious to use RU486 during medical conditions of asthma, migraine, epilepsy, liver, kidney, heart, or bleeding disorder.
  • Using RU486 is risky during hypersensitivity to any constituent of these pills.

Safety precautions required after abortion are as follows-

  • Healthy, nutritious diet should be maintained with proper rest.
  • Strenuous tasks should be avoided else, this can cause pelvic pain.
  • Sexual intimacy should be avoided until you stop the bleeding else, this can cause infection or the risk of pregnancy soon again.

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Correct your unwanted pregnancy trouble with Abortion pills

Perhaps none of these culture wars has seemed so further from being resolved than Abortion, not just in consciousness but also in our laws. Beginning from Aristotle to Plato to today, we are finding great difficulties in reaching a consensus relating to this thing. Where, when and how a woman should her abortion done has still not reached a consensus, even after courts have adjudicated, lawsuits have been waged. 


Somewhere its is a personal decision till the first trimester, somewhere it’s not. When the government is not on a consensus at something, people are not either, and who gets to bear the brunt? Those women who opt for an abortion.

What is confusing here is why we seem more comfortable in discussing abortion as an abstraction? It is real, isn’t it? More than 50% of pregnancies in this country are unintended, and some 50 % of them get aborted. Again, discussing it as abstraction increases the difficulties of those who are trying to get it done, those who need it, and of course increases the noise. We need to understand that the emotions abortion invokes is too complicated to comprehend in all its particularities.  When any govt. stirs the topic and drags it on without doing anything about it, then the people who need to get aborted are put to risk, social torture. People are afraid to openly talk about it, they don’t want their real names to be disclosed, it is not illegal yet and this is not the way to go about it.

The stories of abortion, the reasons, the reactions, the emotions, all of them vary vastly. The variety is not just by States, but by culture, race, income, family, age, by whether she took the pill alone at home or navigated protesters outside a clinic. The reaction vary, some feel ashamed and guilty, some do not, they think of it as the right thing to do, others feel stronger having gone through the experience. Every thing about it is situational, the same woman might wake up one morning with regret, the next with relief, most have feelings too knotty for a picket sign. All them, however, agree on one thing, to peacefully have the right to choose.

For most women, it is equally important to choose the method of abortion. For those who prefer it to be less painful, cost effective, private, easy and efficient, we have a host of Abortion pills that are in congruity with all your needs.

Two drugs are generally used for the conclusion of undesired pregnancy. These are Mifepristone and Misoprostol and they come as various brands. Most brands either use  Mifepristone or Misoprostol alone or in combination. The most popular brands of Mifepristone are (RU486, MIFEPREX, MIFEGYN, and KORLYM), Misoprostol (Cytotec) and MTP KIT (Mifepristone and Misoprostol).

For the termination of pregnancy less than 7 weeks or up to 7 weeks, then either Mifepristone or Misoprostol is individually used. For the termination of pregnancy up to 9 weeks, the combination therapy of MTP KIT is used.

Mifepristone is an anti progesterone drug that shows its effect by blocking the activity of a primarily female hormone called Progesterone which is an essential requirement of pregnancy. Mifepristone stops the nutrients and oxygen supply of the fetus that is essential for growth and development of it. Misoprostol acts as prostaglandin analog that induces uterine contraction facilitating the shedding of the endometrial wall. The fetus will be expelled from the womb of the bearer in the form of vaginal bleeding.

This procedure is to be followed if you are taking Mifepristone alone. Swallow three Mifepristone pills of 200mg each,  orally taken as a single entity with water. After a wait of two days, i.e. on day 3 visit a clinic to confirm abortion.  If in case the exclusion is incomplete then, ingest two pills of Misoprostol 200mcg vaginally followed by health check up after 2 days.

Divide the 12 pills in three group of 4 pills each and take it three times maintaining a gap of 5 hours in a single day, if you are using Misoprostol alone.

When using MTP Kit for abortion,  take the Mifepristone (200mg) pill on the first day of therapy, with ample water on an empty stomach. On day 3, take all four tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg each) either orally or vaginally. On the 14th day of the therapy,  visit the clinic for the final verification of abortion.

Women may notice some side effects as of vaginal bleeding, stomach cramps, white discharge, headache, vomiting, stomach upset, spotting and bloating.


  • It is important to have a healthy and complete diet that makes up for any losses incurred during the process.
  • Do not make use of these drugs for termination of ectopic pregnancy as it may have severe consequences.

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Abolish the Mess of Unacceptable Gestation Using Mifeprex Tablets

It is too terrific to see those positive blue signs on a pregnancy strip when you are in a college, unmarried and have no savings, no health insurance and not a well-settled career. It just feels to have a panic attack due to the fear that what will happen if your parent comes to know this. They have done so much; sacrifice their own comfort to see you at a great platform.


You get filled with tears of guilty as till now you had kept everything in your life under control and you were just moving along with your present dreams plans. However, all of a sudden the failure of your birth control pill while engaging in love making just mess your plans. If you take the decision to hold on this pregnancy then its means that the dreams of yours and even of your parent on which you were working for so long, gets evaporated.

At last, you visit the gynecologist to seek advice for accessing an abortion and she suggests you consume Mifeprex Abortion Mifepristone tablets to wrap up your unacceptable pregnancy of fewer than 7 weeks. You ordered Mifeprex tablets online and with their early arrival, you consume it at your home. They just take a couple of days to break the wall of your unwanted gestation from your ways to dreams and at last give you a sense of relief.

Mifeprex is an eminent abortion pill that is used to eradicate an unwanted gestation of fewer than 7 weeks. It is an outstanding abortion pill, which incorporates an FDA, approved generic Mifepristone as its fundamental module. The reason behind rising popularity of this abortion pill is their painless manner of executing abortion, which also saves women from the expensive surgical method of abortion as these are low cost.

Mifeprex (Mifepristone) function to lead termination of pregnancy through obstructing the deliverance of progesterone hormone in a female body. By virtue of blockage in working of progesterone hormone, the amount of oxygen, blood, and nutrients reaching to the developing fetus gets interrupted. As a result, the growth of developing fetus retards and necrosis of fetus takes place.

Dosing Plan that you have to follow with Mifeprex pill is such as oral administration of three pills of Mifepristone having dose strength of 200mg each as a unit dose. These pills have to be taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water and after a couple of days of their utilization, you need to take a follow up to confirm an abortion. If reports mentioned a failed abortion, then take two pills of Misoprostol having dose strength of 200mcg by an oral or vaginal route. Then leave two days, and visit doctor’s clinic to verify your successful abortion.

Some of the observed associated infuriating effects that you may get while using Mifeprex include wooziness, back pain, nausea, tiredness, stomach pain, diarrhea, vaginal bleeding, and headache.

Be cautious to follow some safety steps with Mifeprex such as omit the utilization of grape fruits, grape juices, and alcoholic beverages. Do not engage yourself in any laborious workout. Do not forget to remove your intrauterine device earlier placing this pill. Do not try to annihilate an ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy of more than 7 weeks with Mifeprex pills.

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Do Not Let Your Pregnancy Be Problematic For You, Use MTP Kit

Accidents do happen in life and it is always not your fault to experience that. Likewise, the accident of undesired pregnancy is one such incident that happens in life because of the failure or absence of protection. This can be a mistake if you are not ready for welcoming a pregnancy but can be a joyful moment of your life if it is planned and desired. However, likewise, a pregnancy creates happy moments can also cause distress, stress, tension, nervousness, and fear of many things when happening unwanted.

If you are not ready to carry a pregnancy depending on your conditions then you do not need to go for painful surgical procedures, as you are accessible for the safer and non-invasive way of using MTP kit pills. This kit is a successful way of the medical method of abortion with lesser side effects.


Get to know about MTP Kit:

MTP Kit is found to be superior in annihilating the unwanted pregnancy in a safe, successful and secure way. MTP Kit helps to end an early duration of gestation of up to 63days or 9weeks. MTP Kit is accessible as a pack having total 5pills as 1of generic Mifepristone of 200mg strength and 4pills of Misoprostol, each with 200mcg strength.

Therapeutic action of MTP Kit:

Mifepristone is an inhibitor of progesterone hormone, which is vital for the normal growth and development of a fertilized egg to sustain a pregnancy. Thus, inhibition of progesterone hormone after using Mifepristone pill causes the detachment of growing embryo and leads to the shedding of uterine wall lining. This stops the further gestation. Misoprostol being a prostaglandin analog is accountable to soften and dilate the cervix and is responsible to cause strong uterine contractions for expelling out the abortion contents from the body. This results in strong abdominal cramps and heavy vaginal bleeding having blood clots.

Dosing schedule of MTP Kit:

Start the regimen with oral consumption of 1pill of Mifepristone first, swallowing the pill with water on an empty stomach. Then after the interval of two days, take 4pills of Misoprostol in a single administration either with an oral route or via inserting into the vagina. For the verification of complete abortion, you have to visit the physician for the medical examination after 14days.

Some commonly observed side effects while using MTP Kit for executing a pregnancy include nausea, headache, dizziness, backache, tiredness, vomiting, or diarrhea. Thus, it is advised not to take MTP Kit pills if you are below to 18years of age, a nursing mother, or have an ectopic pregnancy.

Some additional noteworthy points while using MTP Kit include-

  • Exclude the use of MTP Kit if you found allergic responses to any ingredient in these pills.
  • Use of MTP Kit is risky if you have any medical condition of liver, kidney, heart, epilepsy, migraine, asthma, or bleeding disorder.
  • Using MTP Kit while IUD (intrauterine device) is placed can cause an interaction, so IUD should be removed first.
  • It is suggested to take care of your diet, take proper rest, and avoid strenuous activities so that you can recover fast.

A safety precaution that you need to follow after abortion includes is to avoid the sexual intimacy until you stop the bleeding. This helps in the prevention of infection and the risk of pregnancy soon again.

Hence, end the not desiring gestation in a safer, easy and successful way. Buy MTP Kit online at affordable rates from our drug portal with exciting offers and secure shipping.