Continuation of a gestation is not an easy and instant taking decision. A child is more close to her mother than anyone else is. It is not easy for a mother to kill her baby. Aborting a baby is like expelling any organ from her womb. A mother has to think of certain circumstances before giving a birth to a baby, as a new life has to come and he has to survive the way others do. To know what can be the reason, which makes a mother to abort her unborn child, read the following points:

  • Her family circumstances
  • Her health conditions like diabetes, any genetic problem that can be serious to her fetus
  • When she is not sure that she had done a safe intercourse with her spouse
  • Before marriage baby would not be acceptable by the society
  • When she is going high in her career
  • When her husband is not ready for the baby
  • When they are not financially so strong that they can give a better future to their children
  • Her marital relation is not going smooth
  • When she faces some unfortunate sensual encounter
  • When the birth control pills or protection fails

There can be much more reason, which a woman has with her while taking a decision of killing her own baby within the fetus. Whoever do not want to continue her pregnancy due to any reason she must go with a safe, secure, and secret medical method with abortion pills and RU-486 is the best option to go with.

RU486 wraps up a generic medicine Mifepristone. RU 486 is the privileged and effective abortion method used for the total destruction of a premature pregnancy of 7 weeks of conception. Women who do not want to continue her pregnancy due to any reason can safely collapse her pregnancy at home itself with an undisclosed approach of RU 486 abortion pills.


Mifepristone comes under the classification of anti-progestin analogs. RU486 is simulated steroid with the aim of hindering the action of progesterone hormone that essential for extension of pregnancy as it provides a supply of nutrition. The blockage in the supply kills the fetus in the uterus. It also causes the softening of the cervix that helps in the easy ejection of the dead fetus from the mother’s womb.
A pack of RU486 contains three pills of Mifepristone each of 200 m

Dosing plan for RU-486: A single packet of RU486 with Mifepristone is ingested on the first day of treatment. With an interval of two days, i.e. on the third day, a visit to a doctor for a check-up is important. If unluckily, the abortion does not succeed. The treatment should be sustained with two tablets of Misoprostol (each of 200mcg) ingested either orally or vaginally. Again, after an interval of two days, a clinic visit for the approval of abortion

Defensive measures with RU 486 administration:

  • Any effort made to end a pregnancy beyond 7 weeks could be hazardous.
  • RU 486 should be avoided by lactating mothers, as it passes into the breast milk and might harm the newborn baby.
  • As dizziness can be the ill effect of this medicine, so avoid driving and operating any task that needs proper awareness.
  • Any other treatment for abortion should not be used with RU-486 abortion pills.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol while relying on this medicine.
  • To prevent severe conditions, one must notify the doctor about any sickness and allergy before treatment.

Ailing effects with RU486: Utilization of RU 486 abortion pills can lead to the occurrence of some ill effects such as high fever, chills, weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, light vaginal blood loss, and spasms.

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