Shame or guilty or embarrassing, these are too familiar emotions that a woman faces after knowing about her unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Shame and guilt because she feels that she had done something wrong or something that she has to pay in whole future. Embarrassing because an unmarried girl after getting pregnant is judged by everyone around her whether you call it society, or friends or family members.

A girl who is always told by her mom that she does not allow anyone to touch her even avoiding so many restrictions, she gets in physical contact with the boy and that often results in increasing rate of unwanted pregnancy. If you are growing in a very conservative community where it is not acceptable to be pregnant without getting wed-lock. You have been told many values, after that you get pregnant, then you realize about the double dose of emotions. Being pregnant is your mistake but the failure of contraceptive is not your fault. You felt like you had let your family down, not even family but to yourself also. Your natural reaction was to hide your pregnancy and to terminate it as soon as possible. Living in a small rural area where you cannot opt for the hospital as this is a “juicy secret” that does not hide easily, it will leak surely if you go to the hospital.

No Shame No Guilt! Abort Unwanted Pregnancy with Mifeprex

No need to get panic or tense or…relax, you don’t need to go to the hospital as Mifeprex can solve your problem.

Wondering, how Mifeprex can help you?

Mifeprex can terminate the unwanted pregnancy of 7 weeks at home without going to the hospital. ¬†You can keep your pregnancy news in privacy and you did not need any one’s help for that. Pricing of abortion by Mifeprex is quite lower in comparison to a surgical method. You did not get tense about its administration as it is simple to administer in the body, there is no use of anesthesia or suction tube in it so there is no chance of any injury to your private parts. Lastly, it works like a natural miscarriage and is made up of Generic Mifepristone that is the most trusted choice of all women for abortion.

Mifepristone as a key component acts directly on progesterone hormone that stops the supply of oxygen and another requirement to the growing fetus that leads to fetal death. Secondly, it causes a regular contraction in the uterus so that your uterus get empty from the abortion contents by throwing them in bleeding and clotting from the vagina.

Mifeprex is easy to administer in the body as it is a packet of 3 pills of Mifepristone of 200 mg each with a full glass of water on an empty stomach. Secondly, wait for 2 days to pass and then go under ultrasound. If abortion gets its success then take 2 tablets of Misoprostol each of 200 mcg, you can take it via mouth or vagina.

Some of the negative effects from which a woman can go through include drowsiness, irresponsibility, headache, vomiting, the vaginal flow of blood, weakness, vaginal release, back pain, stomach pain, and nervousness, cramping, queasiness, and chills.


  • A healthy diet and complete bed rest are important to recover from the losses occurred in the body during an abortion.
  • Mifeprex is not safe to take during ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy exceeding more than 7 weeks.
  • If you are allergic to any compound present in Mifeprex then do not take this medicine or if taken go to your doctor immediately.

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