Mircette comes under the category of birth control pills or contraceptive pills. Contraception is an essential process in general happy life of a couple, who do not require an unplanned pregnancy. Every female has a dream of getting her own child in her arm but it is only according to wish of couples. It is called as planned child birth. So there are various contraception methods, which are used by females or males, which can easily provide effective contraception. There are various method of contraception, which can work effectively in the prevention of pregnancy like contraceptive pills, physical barriers and use of certain intrauterine devices.

mircette birth control pill
mircette birth control pill

The most considerable thing about contraception is, to choose a particular contraception method among the numerous methods. Selection of contraception method is depends on several factors like safety, effectiveness, comfortable for partner, cheaper in cost, ease of use and mode of their use. A couple should consider all these factors, while thinking about contraception methods.

But the most effective and most widely used method of birth control is use of hormonal pill. There are various types of oral pills, which can effectively control birth and acts as best contraception methods. Mircette is one of the hormonal pills, which can effectively diminish the risk of getting pregnant, when used correctly. By using such type of birth control pills, you can plan your pregnancy according to your wish. Or in other words, we can say that you can control birth until you want a child.

estrogen and progesterone pills

Mircette is a combination medication, which contains two synthetic derivatives. It contains Ethinyl estradiol and Desogestrel as its working ingredient. These both compounds are derived from estrogen and progestin respectively. Progesterone and estrogen are essential hormones for pregnancy, but Mircette blocks the activity of these natural hormones and control birth in a safe manner. This medication suppresses the release of egg from the ovary or ovulation and creates difficulties in the way of sperm by which sperms are unable to reach an egg. It also alters the uterine lining and cervical mucus, which generally make fertilization difficult or prevent attachment of uterus to fetus. In this way, Mircette acts as an efficient contraceptive pill.

This medication is a hormonal derivative drug, which is generally suits every females, but there are certain females, who should not take this medication; such as the females, who have issues like severe heart disorders, uncontrolled high blood pressure, blood disorders, unusual bleeding from female reproductive organ, breast cancer, uterine tumor and liver cancer. A female, who is hypersensitive to estrogen or progestin derivative or who is pregnant, should avoid this medication.


Mircette should be consumed daily on a same time or the female should not exceed an interval of 24 hours between two doses of this medication. The female can starts this medication on Sunday or on day 1st of her menstrual cycle. The pack of Mircette contains 28 tablets. Out of which 21 tablets are white, next two tablets are light green and next 5 tablets are of yellow color. The female should take one white tablet daily for 21 days, after that she should take one light green tablet for two days and then she should take one tablet daily for 5 days. This complete pack is consumed up to 28 days and after this she should start with a new pack. In case, you missed the dose of this drug then, it increases the risk of getting pregnant. In this issue you should contact with your doctor.

The use of this contraceptive pill can cause some general side effects in some females like breast tiredness, acne, weight change and changes in sensual behavior.

The female should keep some safety tips in her mind before using this drug; such as in issues like diabetes, depression, seizures, thyroid disorder and in overweight, the female should take extra care, while using this drug. The females should avoid smoking and alcohol, while taking this drug.

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