The word sensual act is a taboo subject. People rarely talk about it in open. Men and women both feel shy to have a debate over this topic. Due to least conversation, many people remain under the shadow that erection loss has no cure. Relationships in which man are facing such problem, they could not freely tell their women about their sensual disability. Due to the fear of becoming a subject of mocking, he hides this, which effects the relationship more. You must know that nothing is in our control like disease grabs us uninvitedly, erection occurs in males any time. Exact reason cannot be known but you can try to trace out. It may be due to disorders such as diabetes, blood pressure disorder, stress, or performance anxiety. A man must know that not only he is suffering from ED, there are many men like him worldwide who are having poor sensual chemistry only due to ED. Do not make this a subject of worry and start taking Cenforce 150mg . This drug makes your sensual life better by sustaining your erection longer. With Cenforce, you can control your intimacy. Make sure not to delay and use it as early.

Cenforce 200mg

SILDENAFIL is the Generic component of Cenforce. This medicine functions as a PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 works by breaking up the cGMP amount in penile part. Less amount of cGMP means poor vasodilation and so poor erection. To uplift your erection, start consuming a single tablet of Cenforce. This will prevent cGMP breaking and so high cGMP will induce vasodilation and hence speedy blood circulation through penile vessels.

The dosages available are as Cenforce 150 mg and Cenforce 200 mg.

Follow the Dosing scheme as:

  • Use single tablet prior to one hour of intimacy session
  • Use it through oral route with water
  • Next dosing time is after 24 hours of the first dose.

The effect starts within the time of 30 minutes and the effect sustains for about 4-5 hours duration.

Contradictory factors that are to be followed:

  • DO NOT use when under age of 18 years
  • DO NOT use if you are consuming nitrate
  • DO NOT use if you are prone to allergies
  • DO NOT use if you get painful erection

Read and follow the below-mentioned precautions:

  • Fats in meals will affects the absorption of drug thus stop taking it.
  • If you face priapism then talk with your doctor.
  • Avoid completely grapefruit juice as well as alcohol.
  • Do not use in cardiac patients without doctor permission.
  • Do not take any other ED medication if already using Cenforce for treatment.

High possibility of some noxious effects with this medicine are as flushing, palpitation, shortness of breath, back pain, muscle pain, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and painful erection.


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